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Scott is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach and Mentor. Through his lived experience with mental health challenges, he has witnessed what is truly possible in recovery, healing and living authentically. 

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Before you keep scrolling, remember that it's okay to rest. It's okay to take it slow. Just keep loving yourself. 

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Guided Meditation for Total Body Relaxation meditation mindfulness May 02, 2022

 We hold emotion in our bodies. The body knows more than we give it credit for, so let's love our body by relaxing in this meditation, bringing awareness to points of tension. Congratulations for taking care of yourself today.  

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Guided Meditation and Lesson for Self Acceptance and Compassion anxiety meditation Apr 18, 2022

I speak about my experience with anxiety and share a practice with how I've changed the relationship I have with the sensation of anxiety and thoughts that arise in the mind. Congratulations for taking care of yourself and taking a moment to slow down and check in with yourself.

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"That's the wisdom of trees" meditation mindfulness personal story Dec 22, 2021

My spiritual guide and teacher were on our weekly call yesterday. I hope one day you get to meet her, perhaps on a group call with members or as a podcast guest. As we went through my focusing practice, I entered what felt to be one of the most wholesome meditative states I've ever...

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