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Having worked at a variety of large organizations like Twitter, AdParlor and the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Scott empathizes with the stress of the modern office. As a Mindfulness Practitioner, Mental Health Advocate and reaching millions around the world, Scott's empathy shines through every talk.

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Past Clients:

Mindfully Navigating Through Stress and Anxiety 

Stress and anxiety are umbrella terms used to describe a wide spectrum of emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Whether employees are working from home or in the office, we need tools to manage and navigate through different seasons in our lives. Rather than speak about mental illness, symptoms or signs, Scott will speak about mental fitness and share specific tools to make sure our well-being flourishes while working from home or the office.

In this workshop, Scott will cover:

  • What¬†stress and anxiety are telling us -¬†reframing our current perspective
  • Simple techniques to improve positive self-talk and reduce anxiety
  • Compassionate inquiry meditation technique to decrease stress
  • Polyvagal exercises for a 60 second nervous system reset (seated or standing options)
  • A list of online resources will also be provided


While my keynote talks are valuable, they're just one aspect of what I bring to the table. Each workplace has its own set of emotional health requirements and conversation topics. Let's connect to discuss how I can tailor my expertise to best serve your team or audience.


Three Reasons to Book Scott

The most powerful action an organization can take is opening up these conversations with honesty and compassion while even embracing the awkward! Here are a few reasons to bring Scott into your organization:

  • As the largest Canadian Mental Health Youtuber,¬†Scott has reached over 35 million people¬†with his online mental health content and has heard from thousands around the world. Hearing stories from so many, he's adopted a wider perspective to share with others
  • Speaking from a place of empathy, compassion and connection is a result of Scott's lived experience dealing with depression and anxiety. He provides a true sense of community and belonging, inviting people to embrace their psychological need of human connection
  • ¬†Scott has spoken to some awesome humans at the following organizations: Loyalty One, Spotify, Snapchat, Brookfield, Flight Centre, Shopify, Carfax, CMHA, First Canadian Place, Canada Lands Company and more!

Popular Keynote Topics


The Healing Power of Genuine Human Connection

"Loneliness isn't just the absence of people. It's the feeling that what you do and share doesn't matter"

In a culture that encourages focus to be on the self, rather than the collective, we have issues of loneliness, isolation, separation and solitude - not only mental illness. 

Scott's YouTube Channel has been a gateway for millions to receive new ideas about depression and anxiety but also an opportunity for Scott to learn about the global issue of mental illness. Throughout the past 12 years Scott has collected thousands of e-mails and letters from people around the world and found a similar theme in every single message: People are lonely, which is a direct cause of the mental health challenges we see today at work, at school and at home. It's time to understand depression, anxiety and mental health on a deeper and holistic level. In this thought provoking keynote, Scott reveals his own personal journey to mental wellness: Depression to Expression to Connection.


The Big Picture: Social Media & Mental Health

Plato warned people that when writing came along it would end oral tradition that would rely on memory, a terrible idea! Since then the printing press, the radio and the television have all been invented and each and every time there was a worry it would ruin a generation and tradition. But hey, we all turned out great! So why is the internet and social media cause for concern?

Scott's career on YouTube has been full of ups and downs and he feels compelled to share how social media platforms and screens are affecting our overall mental health and wellbeing. His work in social media advertising and at Twitter has revealed uncomfortable truths that people need to know. He has brought millions of people together in a positive forum but also knows how social media can add a tremendous amount of psychological stress for children and adults. We're 200,000 year old brains with computers in our pockets and this comes with tremendous responsibility. It's time we take a step back and study our relationship with technology with curiosity and skepticism.

Scott has been featured at a variety of conferences, including:

  • TDSB - Mental Health Well-Being Routines in the Adolescent & Teens 
  • University of Guelph - Be Well Be Safe
  • Made of Millions - Dear Manager Event
  • Stop the Stigma - Toronto Catholic District School Board
  • Kindred - Mind Matters
  • Canadian Mental Health Association - National Conference
  • The International Kids Help Phone Conference
  • TEDxYouthToronto
  • YouTube Summit VidCon - Mental Health, Mindfulness and You
  • McGill University – Students in Mind
  • HRD Mental Health Canada

Latest Testimonials

Scott Ste Marie gave our office a refreshing and very real perspective on what mental health means, along with some practical coping tools to deal with stress both at home and in the workplace. I would definitely recommend Scott to any employer looking to educate and help the staff on what is one of the most important issues in the workplace today.”

- Gary Hopkins, CEO of Air Charter Service Canada 

We have a very diverse workforce of men and women from different backgrounds, at various ages, with varying opinions about mental health but that wasn't a roadblock for Scott. His session connected with all employees who attended and weeks later we received feedback that employees were still using the tools he provided. Our company hit the mark by providing Scott Ste Marie as a resource and I would encourage other companies to do the same. If you want to invest in your employee’s wellbeing, Scott should be top of your list."

- Melanie Britton, CarFax Canada

Scott used his sense of humour to be incredibly relatable and remove any discomfort around a topic that is often stigmatized. Our attendees most appreciated his ability to connect with audience members on a personal level while bringing a sense of inclusivity and communal strength to the group.”

- Liam Randhawa, Founder of Project Spaces

Scott isn't afraid to take risks and explore topics that are outside of the "norm". It is hard to find speakers that can take a popular topic, and bring new ideas around it. I would recommend Scott to anyone who is looking for an energetic, creative speaker that will engage with the audience and leave them with things to think about."

- Mary-Lyn Kieffer, Director at Made of Millions Foundation

From my very first interaction with Scott, it was undeniably clear that he is doing the work he was put on this planet to do. His passion and connected nature shines through so brightly. I’ve been putting on speaking events for a handful of years now, some really big names, and Scott blew them all out of the water."

- Jamie Harvey, Manager of Health & Wellness at Loyalty One

Scott’s passion, speaking about living with depression and anxiety is one of the best talks I have
heard. He is engaging and heart-felt, sharing stories and experiences that we can all relate to. I
would recommend Scott to speak to speak to any organization so you can see and experience
firsthand his passion for not only speaking about mental illness but sharing his important story.
Scott, thank you for being YOU!"

- Jill Aimone, LMS Administrator at Crisis Prevention Institute

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