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Scott is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach and Mentor. Through his lived experience with mental health challenges, he has witnessed what is truly possible in recovery, healing and living authentically. 

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Before you keep scrolling, remember that it's okay to rest. It's okay to take it slow. Just keep loving yourself. 

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If You're Feeling Depressed This Morning depression Apr 13, 2022

There's no pressure to feel better this morning. What if we just get through it together and take it one moment at a time. I'll walk with you and keep you company. I know the weight of depression can feel like it's too much to take. Just one breath a time knowing that this is you being so...

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Skating on the Thin Ice of a New Day depression mental health personal story Jan 31, 2022

As you all know, I'm Canadian. Very Canadian. 

In fact, my ancestors came to Canada in 1663 and we've been here ever since. This means that we embrace the cold and mother nature. 

We found a pond today and went for a skate during a much needed work break. I still can't sit for long...

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