Skating on the Thin Ice of a New Day

depression mental health personal story Jan 31, 2022

As you all know, I'm Canadian. Very Canadian. 

In fact, my ancestors came to Canada in 1663 and we've been here ever since. This means that we embrace the cold and mother nature. 

We found a pond today and went for a skate during a much needed work break. I still can't sit for long periods of time (never really could) and the body cramps up. 

The sound of a skate on ice, shades of grey and blue above, coordinating a damn stick, rubber puck and navigating the rink all at the same time, it's a pretty sweet game. Now, like all sports, I'd rather play them than watch them. 

It was literally today one year ago that I was skating alone on a pond in the morning, trying to get my thoughts straight and hold it all together. I didn't think a smile would be possible or any kind of joy. I didn't believe I would ever be able to see life the same way. 

I was wrong. Time can be an ally with small, super small, incremental changes. I started smiling again through the help of loved ones, personal work and guides. 

I was also right. I can never see and experience life the same way ever again. 

Living with gratitude today for the simple. Living in awe by the fact that things can change. If you're in a rough spot right now, I can't convince you that you'll get better, but you will my friend. Nothing is permanent. 

Keep skating and glide to the golden sun baby. 

Thanks for reading. 

PS: The title of this post is a is a Jethro Tull song that you gotta hear! 



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