How I Did Over 60 Mental Health Talks in 2021

mental health personal story Jan 19, 2022

Well, last year was definitely the biggest chapter of my entire life from a personal level. What's also interesting is I didn't intentionally work at all. I didn't reach out to schools or businesses, offering my services. I didn't set up any meetings and I didn't upload any content online.

People actually reached out to me, which was the most humbling and rewarding experience ever.

What's strange is that 2021 was a record year for speaking gigs. I spoke to over 60 schools and businesses about the healing power of connection, compassion and emotional well-being. For schools I speak about the relationship between social media and how we feel (for grades 4-12). 

As I was recovering from burnout and honestly still am, I could literally only do the talk for the hour, answer questions during the Q+A, and then I was done for the day. Even looking at a screen for over an hour and I became dealthly tired. 

I could only work an hour a day and then needed rest which was to go back to bed, walk outside or to watch TV. 

As I'm currently recovering from a variety of ailments and starting to feel better (see the posts "A Journey Through Hell Part I and Part II" I find myself wanting to get back in the swing of things, work countless hours, start up my online community again, speak at more events, post podcast episodes and grow a following. 

On the surface, this is completely true and sounds like a voice I should follow. However, every single time I do my focusing practice, the felt sense continues to come up "slow down." Every single time, man. 

I still can't run or exercise other than doing some yoga, and even that can really take a toll on my body. As I work with a functional doctor now and still adjusting to new found emotions and sensations, slowing down and being 'still' is the right option. 

So, how did I do 60 talks last year? I did everything so painfully slow, offering energy where I thought it would be most useful. I offered no persona, no character, no extravagant performance. During these talks, I was simply me, and what a surprise to see how well it all worked out. 

I'm actually doing a talk in an hour to a college out in Calgary that I'm really looking forward to as there are so many challenges to deal with at that age of discovery and planning. Wish me luck!

Thanks for reading.



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