How to Actually Live Life to the Fullest

advice mindfulness Jan 02, 2022

A topic like this should take 30 pages or 30 seconds. I'll try the 30 second option because the snow is falling softly which will make a beautiful walk to church. 

Theres part of me that needs to make sure I'm living the best possible life and making the most out of it. I need to experience more, travel, meet people and make sure I'm open to everything this world has to offer. It's almost the mentality of 'hustle culture' outside of work and if I don't make the most of my time, there's a sense of guilt that I didn't take advantage of the gifts that were given. 

I journal and and take pictures. I make sure that when I wake up when I'm 65, I don't look back in anger at what could have been in full health and opportunity. 

Yeah, that's a lot of pressure to put on the present me and the me that hasn't even existed yet :P

I always thought of life as a metaphor, like squeezing the juice out it, as if it were an orange. I'm not leaving a single drop and I'm going to make sure it's completely dry, withered and beaten before I give it up. Gimme the juice babyyyy!! That reminds me that the last time I had a glass of orange juice was probably . . .at least 3 years ago.


Through meditative practice and knowing myself a little more each day, this isn't a really well balanced approach. 

I see more meaning and value in savouring each drop, rather than putting so much effort into juicing. 

What's more meaningful and pleasurable? To drink a whole glass of OJ in a rush, or squeezing out one single drop of juice and truly paying attention to what it tastes like. Every sensation from the smell, to the taste, the feeling of it your mouth and the sweetness on the tongue. 

What's more meaningful and pleasurable?

In Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training they have us eat a single raisin as part of our practice. To pay attention to only the raisin and all of the sensations that come with the experience of eating. 

Living life to the fullest for me is a balance between the integration of new experience being mindful while the moments pass. One single drop at a time. 

Thanks for reading. 



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