But. . .that's all life is?

advice random thoughts Jan 03, 2022

How does a day just flash by in an instant? Why do some days drag on while others move so fast? Why does our perception of time change depending on what we're doing and how we're feeling?

Too many questions, not enough time to answer 😛

Today was fairly basic. It was just one of those days where you work, you walk, exercise, chat with friends, say hi to family, eat, and thats it. Yeah, that's it. 

And you're thinking that people are living a better life than you while you sit down with a bag of chips? Nah man, nahhhhh. 

Life is pretty boring at times, which is something I've been working on and it takes a little work to accept that some days are just days. 

So you work during the day...that's it?

So you got a promotion...that's it?

So you got married...that's it?

So you have 3 children...that's it?

So you created an app that helps white people find the best Indian food in their area that's not too spicy? That's it?

It's like what the world has to offer and even the best things I can ever experience come with a side of...that's it?

I went bungee jumping in the swiss alps...that's it?

I hooked up with beautitful women across Europe...that's it?

I started a mental health business from scratch and made tons of coins...that's it?

Yup, that's it. And these are the good things!! Alongside all of these "that's it's" is the suffering of unbearable pain which we all experience. The death of our family members and ones we love, the loss of friendships, the degradation of the environment, joint pain and the fact that Soda 'Licious fruit snacks will never come back. 

That's it. 

Fucking life, what a sneaky bastard. Gives us all the delicious treats to eat but then we have to wash them down with a cup of piss. lmfao, whatever, I laughed. 

That's it my friends. To accept how life is, rather than how it should be is a lesson for all of us. Your yoga teacher that sounds like...well, every yoga teacher, but they all say "Surrender" to the moment. He/she (most likely she) isn't wrong though. 

To surrender is to fall and let God's love carry you. Oh damn, do I keep that in? Let's leave it. Release control to how life actually is, the pleasure, the pain and even the fact that I personally can find life so unbearably boring and meaningless at times, even in the best of times. That's all in part of it and has its place. 

Life is the day to day, sprinkled with delicious sprinkles which are sometimes covered in shit. It's all good man. Avoid the shit when you smell it, embrace it when there's no avoiding. 


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