Be at Ease In "The Baroque Era"

advice anxiety Dec 18, 2021

Handel, Bach or Vivaldi? I know you've heard of one of those guys in white wigs. 

Travel back to around the time of 1600-1750 and you'll find a kind of sound that lets you float away just for a little while when the world is too heavy. When our minds become too active and we need distance from the deeply felt emotion that comes with pure existence. 

Music takes you places or can keep you more grounded in the present. What's strange about classical music but specifically in the baroque period is that it does both for me. 

I'm completely in the moment and not taken anywhere in fantasy. Yet, my heart is softened, shoulders relaxed and time can finally take its rest. 

If you're looking for music to soothe the troubles of the day and worries of the future, mix up your Spotify playlist with some Baroque. 

PS: I saw Messiah last night for the first time at Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto which was an obvious inspiration for this post. 

Thanks for reading. 



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