What Moves Are You Proud Of?

motivation personal story Feb 18, 2022

What happens if I just drive? Well, I'm in Blacksburg, Virginia right now. 

More specifically, Virginia Tech University. 

Travel is a stressful event, especially after two years of fear induced news and altered shades of reality. 

For me, it's important to push limits and see what my mind and body are capable of. What does life call me to do? What does life call you to do? Believe me when I say that this was no easy task, but I'm doing it. 

Now here's the deal everyone. Whatever your 'limit' is or boundary of comfort, it's going to be different than anyone else's. A win is a win, period. 

If you were sleeping in your van down by the river, and then you parked a little closer to a better spot in the shade, that's progress. No matter how small a move in life, it's still a move. 

I have no other option but to be gentle with the moves I make because in comparison, they may seem smaller than other moves people are making that are my age or in a similar stage in life. But my move is my move and yours is yours. 

I drove south to see how people are living man. I wanted to see things, drive, play guitar at a rest stop on the i90. And here I am, making the move. 

What move are you really proud of this week? Did you take a shower when you felt you didn't have the energy? Did you clean your kitchen? Did you apply for a new job? Did you not bring your phone into your bedroom and tried to prioritize sleep?

Whatever it is, congratulations for making a move, no matter how small it may seem. 

I'll see you on the road. 

Thanks for reading. 



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