Talking to Aliens

funny random thoughts Jan 12, 2022

I had to take a break from cringe posts and videos. You don't even know how these videos create stress and tightness in the body, lmfao. Hold on before you click the link below...

Now, some people don't actually get cringe - they don't understand and can't actually experience this "second hand embarrassment" emotion. My theory is that people who are more empathetic and sensitive emotionally, understand cringe. 

What's awesome about this compilation is that everyone I sent it to today got hit differently. Some were hurt by the rapping traffic woman, others absolutely crushed by the high school prom ask or the girl falling off the ladder. This shit hurts, so be careful lmfao. 

I've timestamped this video to a specific part where a pastor communicates with aliens lmfaoooo. Okay, so obviously listen to the noises he makes and faces BUT also pay close attention to his wife. 

I don't know what impresses me more; that these people can live with themselves or that they have a loving wife that lives with them. Man, the world is an amazing place and humans make it all absolutely terrible and beautiful all at once. 

Link to some cringe:


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