So...I Have Celiac Disease

mental health personal story Jan 25, 2022

Had a great call with my functional doctor this morning. Now, although she has the personality of a dead possum, she's been helpful in providing the information I need to make the necessary changes to heal.

If you're someone going into medical school without a personality, please consider another profession. It's a shame certain occupations attract a certain kind of person. Medicine attracts people who can achieve a 98% average but in order to do this, no social life and social skills can be practiced. You're left with a medical community who don't know how to communicate with patients. 

I know some people who want to go into psychiatry who can't make eye contact in a conversation. They know everything about the inner workings of the brain and can memorize every mood disorder and symptom list, but can't order a coffee without looking down at the cashiers balls. So, back to celiac disease....

The genetic markers are there for celiac disease through the blood test results. It's not a definitive test but I'm not going to go through eating wheat for 8 weeks, get extremely depressed just to then get a food sensitivities test to tell me I am sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.

I pretty much knew I was gluten sensitive since eating anything with gluten makes me feel like ass a few days after, bringing up anxiety and depression symptoms. Alongside this, we found some nasty parasites in the gut too. Even with the elimination diet and me going full carnivore last year (only beef, water and salt), the gut still didn't heal. 

I was gluten free for most of 2020 and through to December 2021. I was also dairy free at this time, alcohol free and limited my refined sugar intake. I also didn't really touch citrus fruits. Call it the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet or whatever you want, my body needed it and still does. It was meat and veggies. 

So nothing really changes. I still avoid wheat and work with the doctor to continue to go easy on the gut. Stress management is a massive piece of this, and since I still can't exercise fully with headaches being an issue and the neck muscles too rigid to allow for movement, I need to cultivate compassion like never before. 

I'm improving, slowly, painfully slowly but surely. We're getting there baby and I'm taking it all in and enjoying the ride. 

If you deal with depression or anxiety, I don't want to tell you what to do. However, if you haven't looked into diet yet, man oh man, just do some googling and read the testimonials. Then if you want you can get all nerdy with the data and see how much your gut health impacts your mood and mental health. 

I can show you some of the emails I receive of people who changed their diet and depression fades. It's incredibly beautiful. 

One step at a time my friends. 

Thanks for reading!



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