Should I Be Serious or Silly?

advice mental health Jan 20, 2022

As if a person can just be one thing.

When life calls one to be serious, seriousness is the appropriate response. When life calls one to be silly and childlike, being silly and childlike is the appropriate response. 

When my mental and physical health fell to pieces, it was time of serious and deliberate action towards wellness. I put together a plan, consulted the people I thought were most trustworthy and experts in their field and I moved in a positive direction. 

When my grandma passed away and grandpa became ill in 2021, it was time to do my duty as a grandson and family member. To be there to see my grandma die and to do so with honour, grief and love. 

When it's time to go camping in Algonquin park, it's time to break out the guitar and escape into nature as a wild animal - laughing, making fart noises, actually farting, smiling and saying things only the trees should hear. 

When it's time to walk up and down the streets of Toronto, I'll sing out loud as if to be silly just for silliness sake. Some days call for nothing but optimism, bliss and ignorance to the unknown future. 

Fear not my friends, for you can be more than one thing. You can identify with multitudes. You can be a serious man of business while blowing bubbles in your cups. Don't be fooled by those who believe life is always to be taken seriously with having to think about every action, reaction, and plan what's ahead. 

It's noble to lead a life of responsibility and being a true 'adult'. This is a large part of what people like Jordan Peterson and other online personalities preach. This isn't wrong and seemed useful to a lot of people. Just do yourself a favour and don't forget to appease the child who still lives inside, who craves the simple, the silly and the fun. 

I really liked this blog post. This was the quickest one I've ever written since I started writing, just pure flow. I'm listening to Handel's Messiah while writing, so that's where the writing style came from ahaha!

Dinner time. 

Thanks for reading. 



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