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personal story random thoughts Jan 26, 2022

Don't get me wrong, I love the mental health speaking I do and personal coaching. It's the most rewarding work I've ever done in my life and I see no way I can stop this kind of work, especially now with peoples emotions constantly in flux.

But what really brings me joy?

Yeah, the most basic question of all time but something we may not put a lot of time or work into. It's almost like what we assume brings us joy is based on what's common and available around us. 

If I really sit in this moment and ask myself when I feel true joy, (there's a long list) but here are two that always hit me:

1. Public Speaking - I feel so alive and connected to those I'm sharing my story with in that moment. Everything else fades and I enter into a flow state where I'm not even aware of how I'm saying what I'm saying. I just barf out words that make perfect sense, in perfect order and structure that relay the message that I'm there to spread. Although I definitely suffer from Imposter Syndrome, the feedback I receive relays the message that what I barfed out was awesome. 

2. Music - From playing guitar, drums, bass and piano and jamming to listening and discovering new music. Even freestyling in the car with friends to old hip hop beats, it's all beauty. Honestly man, this whole music thing can't just be something I do in the background. So that brings me to the dream job. 

Howard Stern is traaaassshhhh!!! I want his job nowwww!!!! GIMME AHHHHHH!!!!

On his show he interviews artists, asks about their music and then they play these songs in his studio. It took him decades to get to where he is so I may as well start now. That being said, I'm going to be posting on the Expression Music YouTube Channel and Podcast more frequently. 

This Podcast/Youtube Channel will revolve around all genres of music from all over the world. I want to share music that I love and my personal history with specific songs while inviting people to share their own stories and memories too. Go check out the comment section on YouTube of a song you love. People share secrets, stories, love, memories, encouragement - music can just loosen the barrier of emotional regulation and let all of the goodies out. It's pure, raw power. If this isn't a source of healing for those dealing with anxiety or depression, fight me. 

To build a positive community around the love for music and being open to sharing parts of our lives with each other, man, that's the dream. 

Eventually I would interview the artists and have them discuss their latest album/creative process for writing and explore new questions artists aren't really asked about. 

If you would like to support the start of this project, a subscribe on YouTube, review on iTunes or a rating on Spotify would mean the world to me. Here are the links below to check out if you're interested in sharing your precious music with me and the community. 

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