I Feel Amazing Today!

advice personal story Jan 11, 2022

There's really no reason to write. There's an obvious argument that most of what you and I do during the day isn't necessary or for any good reason either. 

Most of what people do is so unnecessary, that's why I find people absolutely fascinating!

I feel absolutely incredible today, like anything could come my way and I could handle it with relative ease. Even my neck and back pain, although it's still there and in a long process of healing, doesn't bother me today. 

It was -28 celsius today in Toronto and as I was walking, the present happenings of my face freezing, snow crunching, wind blowing, and the sun rising was more than enough to create a euphoria like you wouldn't believe. 

It's times like these where I wish I could spread the feeling to others, to let them know what's possible. In the same spirit, we wish we could share a terrible feeling to others, to let them know what's possible. Ahhhh, but that will remain impossible for now, until Elon Musk perfects Neuralink and we all share a collective consciousness - kind of like the Borg on Star Trek. 

In the minutes of typing posts, I can't help but smile when I think about someone else reading. The technology that makes this all a reality is way beyond my comprehension. I turn on the computer and fucking images pop up on a screen. I type, and words appear...

An old friend of mine would call it "Sober Tripping" when we would see the world through a beginners mind, where it was almost too much to take how intricate and magical reality can really be. That's definitely why I can't go near cannabis or even alcohol anymore, that shit hits me way too hard. 

It's so easy to take things for granted but even easier for us to take a good mood for granted too. For some, it comes easy and people can jump out of bed with optimism, direction and purpose. For others, this takes work. If you're like me and you need to tend to yourself a little more and cultivate a positive perspective, damn those good moods feel extra juicy. 

The feeling of gratitude and practicing this has been studied with extreme detail over decades. You should check out Robert Emmons, someone I talk about during my mental health workshops. 

This isn't to say we should become ungrateful when our mood is ass to the point where we feel controlled by our emotions, of course not. However, when we do experience joy, excitement, contentment and can embrace uncertainty with. . . I'll use the word. . .grace, well, take a moment to really take that in and really feel it. 

Now here's the difficult part and something I really want to talk about in both podcasts and videos:

When I feel good, I want to feel even better. 

Yeah man, I want to kick it up a notch! Who was that fat chef who used to say that on TV? Emerald? Anyways...

The mood can always be better. If you feel good, have a coffee and feel even better. If you feel great, go buy some shit and get a nice juicy hit of dopamine. Post on social media if you feel like you're slipping and your mood is plateauing. 

I fall into that trap and instead of looking to improve the mood and distract, I need to turn inward and pay closer attention to why I want to do that and where that's coming from. 

Some of this is conditioned, some just human nature of constantly seeking progress. I'd recommend the book "The Hunter Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century" where Bret and his wife Heather speak about this concept in awesome detail. 

So while I feel awesome today, of course I know it won't last forever. Knowing this, it's time to soak it all in and enjoy what is here, now - since now is all I'll ever be. 

Thanks for reading!



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