How Much Should I Share?

advice mental health Feb 07, 2022

A lot of presentations this month so I may not write as often as I would like. A realization throughout the past year though is that privacy is necessary. In a world where everything is shared constantly, I prefer most of the comings and goings to be in the confines of the Ste Marie family and friends. 

"But if it's not shared it feels like it didn't really happen!"

Ahhhh but of course, a classic contradiction to a selfish existence. Of course man, what do you do when you opened up those gifts Christmas morning? Yeah, you called your friends or showed your siblings "LOOK WHAT I GOT!"

Sharing extends and creates so much more room in that container of happiness. So it's only up to me to know when too much sharing is too much. Why does the world need to know the colour of my dumps? They don't, even though its fascinating stuff!

I'll post as much as I can in the name of enjoyment, play and extending the container of my happiness. 

So, presentations to grades 4-8, high schools, and to businesses across Canada and the US continue with the overall message of what it means to be human when we discuss mental health. 

Mental health and wellness been so pathologized and medicalized with mental illness that I feel a strong urge to bring back a message of real inclusion and compassion for everyone. 

We all struggle man. We all fall. Life slaps us all in the face and we wonder what the hell we're doing here.

Take a breath and know we're all in it together. No one is invincible, not even the coworker that spills coffee on his dick and still laughs it off. He's been in the dark and had tough days too. 

Smile and be grateful while the sun shines. Rest in the puddle when the rain falls and if you can, splash a little :)

Thanks for reading!



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