A Moment I'll Never Forget

mindfulness personal story Feb 09, 2022

The Canadian thawwwww. The snow melts, sun shines and just the action of breathing outside makes you feel like you're doing something amazing for your mind and body. 

It was days during childhood if it went above 0 degrees, I'd be out with my brothers on the driveway playing basketball, unaware of time or responsibility. 

In March 2021, after one of the worst winters in all my days on earth, the sun came out and it was close to 20 degrees in Toronto. I decided to walk to the court to see what was popping on such a beautiful day. 

Even though my body felt broken, I managed to shoot a few jump shots, smell the emergence of fresh grass and warming pavement all at the same time. 

To put distance between yourself and a feeling, action beyond the mind needs to be taken, gently as always. I immersed myself in a game of basketball with the company of strangers who also most likely had a hell of a winter. 

Sometimes joy is too much to take. A memory of complete levity where you're just IN IT. Call it flow state, call it mindfulness, call it Buddha juice - you know the feeling. 

In that moment of playing, all of us knew how much it meant without saying a word about COVID, lockdowns, terrible winter weather or emotions. 

We all knew it. 

Complete strangers in a competitive game where I was barely of use on the court, still managed to be a moment in time I'll never forget. 

I got back into my car and laughed, smiled, cried. 

The change in seasons reminds us all that the climate within ourselves changes too. What once was so unbearably heavy now can be lifted. What was once so closed has now emerged and blossomed. 

I don't want to take moments and drive them into the world of drama just the sake of being dramatic but man, a winter of hell is worth the heaven of spring. 

We descend into hell but then we rise again (you remember the Apostles Creed :P)

What moments do you look back on with gratitude and appreciation? Can you bring yourself back and feel it? What does it feel like? Where do you feel it?

I'm really looking forward to creating video content and meeting you all soon. I'd love to run group meditations where we can all just chill, share stories and then take moments to get in touch with ourselves. 

Thanks for reading



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