3 Things to Remember During Hard Times

advice mental health Feb 01, 2022

It's not if I'll ever fart in my yoga class. That is definitely just a matter of time. C'mon man my gut is healing... but listen, once we go into Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby Pose), there's no predicting what could happen next. 

Some things are just inevitable and to wrap our minds around a future is difficult, since it only exists in thought. Our predictions can be inaccurate at the best of times, just like our memories of the past. 

A lot is in our control. A lot isn't, but we do know one thing for sure - problems are everywhere and no one gets through life without them. It's not if I'll have a next problem, it's just when.

This dude Tony Robbins, the man who has the loudest clap on Earth, shares the 3 P's with people when we face challenge and hardship. I want to change them up a bit. 

Remember that not IF, but WHEN problems arise and you're dealt with such a shitty hand:

P1 - It's not Personal. To become a victim of circumstance works in the short term but in the longterm we're right back where we started. Also keep in mind that everyone struggles, everyone. As I continue to have the privilege of speaking to groups and meeting new people, no one has it easy. Everyone has something in the background whether its a mental illness, physical illness, stressful job, sick children or having to deal with some teens leaving a flaming bag of dog shit on their doorstep. It's not personal, it's the tragedy, shared beauty and suffering of living. 

P2 - It's not Permanent. All things change, with the obvious inclusion of emotions. HEYYYY, it's in the dang word "e-motion". So when those tough times come, know that it will change and won't be like this forever. Yeah, it's tough to believe things can change, but they do. They always do my friend. 

P3 - Take the Pressure off. I pressure myself when times get hard and I can be my own worst enemy. My standards of living are so high and I swear I'm in competition with God, thinking I can actually win. Me versus the Universe  - is that even a contest? So when the rough times come, be gentle with yourself. Take the pressure off and let time be your ally. You got this. 

P4 - Parking garage, 4 levels below the main floor. 

Hope you're doing well everyone and thanks for reading! Looks like theres a few hundred people reading these posts which is unreal as it's just a fun little hobby and I love writing. I am very grateful for your support and time. 




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