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Scott speaks at conferences, student assemblies, facilitates workshops and hosts the Being Human podcast with an online support group.

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Grades 7-12 and post-secondary students. Audiences fully participate and are given toolsĀ to better understand their own psychological needs and develop a healthier relationship withĀ technology.

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Emotional wellbeing and mental health starts at home. Parents will gain a deeper understanding of the social media and online landscape while learning effective tools for a safe online experience for their children. 

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Having worked at a variety of large organizations like Twitter, AdParlor and the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, Scott empathizes with the stress of the modern office. The Antidote: Fulfilling our innate need of genuine human connection at work. 

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As a Mindfulness Practitioner, Mental Health Advocate and someone with lived mental illness experience, Scott has a variety of keynote topics that all revolve around the human condition and our need for genuine, authentic relationships. 

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