Parents will gain a deeper understanding of the social media and online landscape. Being ‘tech savy’ is the first step to knowing what your childs experience is like online and how difficult it can truly be growing up today. Parents will then be provided with tools for effective communication skills to build stronger connections and create an honest dialogue about internet safety, social media and mental health with their children. 

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Social Media Use, Internet Safety and Mental Health

Scott's experience working at Twitter, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Health Canada and in Social Media Advertising make his workshops invaluable to his audience. Parents need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what their child is consuming online and how this affects their mental health. They must acquire knowledge first so they can have a constructive and relatable conversation with their child about screen time and technology.


Scott’s presentation includes:

  • How social media use can change behaviour and effect our emotional wellbeing
  • The latest studies and links between screen time and mental health
  • How social media platforms track activity and what information they collect
  • How video consumption on YouTube changes viewer behaviour
  • Specific tools and strategies your child can incorporate into their routine
  • How to have conversations with your child about their cell phone use


Three Reasons to Book Scott

  • Scott has worked in a variety of industries, including holding positions at Twitter, The Canadian Mental Health Association, AdParlor and The Schizophrenia Society of Canada. His work experience is simply invaluable which gives parents confidence in the information presented
  • As the only Canadian Mental Health Youtuber, Scott has reached over 30 million people with his online mental health content and has heard from thousands around the world. Scott is the only speaker in this space that can share the behind the scenes of social media from a creators perspective and how this can effect children
  • Parents leave feeling confident with real knowledge and tools to bring home to their children and loved ones. This is one of the most important topics today for parents and Scott explains social media and mental health in an easy to understand format

Latest Testimonials

We’ve had a lot of virtual presentations in our class this year. This one was the best. My grade 7 students were taught about a very important topic in such an engaging way. Scott found a way to take a potentially serious and heavy concept and made it interesting and meaningful for their age group. My students are STILL making references to what they learned. Thank you so much!

- Vanessa Seymour, Grade 7 Teacher at Mount Albert PS - YRDSB 

We first brought Scott to The Mabin School to speak to our students about issues around social media and children's mental health. A charismatic and extremely knowledgeable presenter, he immediately created an easy rapport with our students, responding to their interests and questions intuitively and expertly. Impressed by our first experience we brought Scott back -- again and again -- to speak to students, staff, and parents. Each presentation was unique, carefully designed to meet the needs of each group and to create impact. We hope to continue to bring Scott in to support us in our efforts to teach about digital citizenship, the power of creativity, and the risks and benefits of participating in social media. His approach strikes the perfect balance of optimism, skepticism, and inspiration."

- Nancy Steinhauer, Principal of The Mabin School

After seeing Scott speak at our board's annual Mental Health Symposium, our students knew that they wanted to invite him to speak in our own community. His honest and raw perspective on mental health is balanced by his sense of humour and great delivery. He was able to capture the attention of students and left them feeling positive about the steps that they can take to support others. I would highly recommend Scott and look forward to working with him again in the near future."

- Andrew Muia - Student Success Teacher at Loretto Abbey Catholic High School

Scott’s visit to our school transformed the culture surrounding mental health! Immediately during the presentation, staff noticed students connecting to his message and the courage to have these important conversations became contagious. His open awareness and comforting vulnerability has increased student empathy and has left a vast ripple effect of compassion."

- Eve Delisi, Grade 6 Teacher at Epiphany of our Lord - TCSB

Scott’s social media and mental health workshop was exactly what all intermediate students need to hear. Through his wonderful sense of humour and down to Earth approach, he built an excellent rapport with the students. This allowed him to discuss serious issues, safety concerns and pressures involves with using social media, all while maintaining a fully engaged audience. His message is essential for youth trying to navigate the continually com-plicated technological world. I highly recommend him and he will be coming to my school for years to come!"

- Dave Grant, Grade 8 Phoebe Gilman Public School - YRDSB 

Scott! I just wanted to thank you so much for your presentation to my grade 8's. This sparked such an important conversation as they head off to high school next year and were experiencing feelings of anxiety. Thank you for validating these feelings in such a compassionate way. Hope we see more of you in the future!"

- Allison Panizales, Grade 8 Glad Park PS - YRDSB 

What made his approach so unique and effective was the clear tools he laid out for students to understand the deeper meaning behind social media use and how if can affect their emotional well-being. Incredible presentation!"

- Holly Rouselle, Grade 5 Clearmeadow PS - YRDSB 

Scott engaged our Grade 12 students on the serious topic of mental health with humour and vulnerability. His message was spot on, clear and concise and he adapted his presentation for their age and stage so perfectly it felt as if he knew them. His passion for changing the landscape of mental health through connecting with youth is remarkable. I highly recommend Scott as a speaker for youth of all ages. We can’t wait to have him back!” 

- Jenn Grant, Grade 5 Teacher at Clearmeadow Public School - YRDSB

Scott provided a realistic view of social media and the effects on young people. He was very interactive with the students and instantly gained their attention. His message invited the students to think about endless possi-bilities of learning, adventure and discovery by simply ‘looking up’ from their screens and exploring the world around them.” 

- Jennifer Lillie, Director of Student Success at Greenwood College

Scott instantly captured my attention. His knowledge and passion around the topic of social media and mental health is so clear and powerful. He is engaging and a really easy person to connect with for both students and parents. I look forward to continuing to learn from Scott!” 

- Jen Peacock, Founder of Straight Up Health

Super informative presentations for both students and parents! Scott has been performing at Appleby College for the past few years and never disappoints! His professionalism along with his sense of humour, lightens the room and always creates a safe space. He is honest, enthusiastic, and a very engaging communicator.
Thank you so much for providing our community with the knowledge, resources and tools regarding internet safety and social media use, as well as mental health awareness. We look forward to having Scott back!

- Patricia Smallbone, Manager of Parent Relations at Appleby College

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