All The Tools You Need To Manage Anxiety with Compassion & Kindness

Over 45 powerful tools and exercises in 5 modules to help you manage feelings of anxiety and stress with no rush or deadlines. Every video and audio is yours for a lifetime so you can continue your practice anytime, anywhere. 

A Message from Scott

"Anxiety Isn't Your Fault"

You didn't wake up this morning hoping to have a day filled with anxiety. I'm pretty sure you've never thought "You know what, life is amazing but I could really use a panic attack right now in line at Chipotle"

To blame yourself is to take responsibility for something you did wrong. 

Okay let's break that down...

1. Taking responsibility = Yes

2. You did something wrong = No

Would you blame yourself if I asked you to give me a haircut but all you had was a screwdriver? Yeah, exactly. 

Having the right tools to deal with stressful situations in both reality and how we imagine them to play-out with a foundation of compassion and non-judgement is what this course is all about.

I can totally understand how this can all seem overwhelming but I just want to say that it's 100% valid and okay to have thoughts like this: 

"This probably won't work"

“Why can’t life just be simple”

“No one will love me because of my anxiety”

“I wish I didn’t have to deal with this”

“I’m always going to be a person with anxiety”

“No matter what I do, I never feel good enough”

What makes this course different?


Compassion and Non-Judgement

It may seem counterintuitive to think that it’s okay to have those thoughts above. Is it really okay? Yes.

It’s the judgement of yourself and those thoughts that lead to fighting against your best ally, you. In the Conquer Anxiety Course you develop a variety of practices that support you in developing a compassionate and non-judgemental approach to what arises in your mind and body. Simply put, you learn to love yourself. All of yourself.

The Mind Body Connection - Parasympathetic Activation

We are all familiar with the connection between our thoughts, feelings and the physical sensations in our bodies. Our heart rate increase during times of anxiety, our palms may sweat, our face becomes hot and vision narrows.

In the Conquer Anxiety Course you learn physical exercises to activate the rest and digest branch of your autonomic nervous system to get to know your body and respond, rather than react, during times of stress and anxiety.

What Do You Mean "Conquer Anxiety?"

Feeling anxious is a normal and healthy emotion we all experience. The goal is not to eliminate anxiety because that limits our ability to feel, which makes you such an incredible person. 

To "conquer" is to take control and gain mastery. This does not mean to do so with force or the desire to eradicate a feeling. Conquering anxiety means getting to know the landscape of your personal experience and positively changing the way you relate to your past, present and future. It's to take control of anxiety so anxiety stops controlling you.

What's Included in the Course

Over 45 specific tools (all with video guides) and exercises in 5 modules to help you manage feelings of anxiety and stress with no rush or deadlines. Every video and audio file is yours for a lifetime so you can continue your practice anytime, anywhere. 

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Praise for the Course

As our stories and experiences are personal and sacred, acquiring video testimonials and photos aren't made public. 

Kriston K. 

“This is a holistic approach to anxiety and even wider than that, the human experience. Even if you don’t identify with the battle of anxiety or depression, it’s tools to have in everyone’s arsenal for emotional management, regulation and understanding."

Mayaro, Trinidad

Michelle G.

"I suck at diaphragmatic breathing and your lessons on that blew my mind! This was massive for me as the breathing completely calms me down" - 

Bristol, United Kingdom

Salomon H.

"I have gone through all of the cognitive exercises and have already been noting improvement! This course has really helped me :)" 

Toronto, Canada

Sayaka J.

“During times of anxiety and depression, knowing that I have Scott’s powerful tools takes a burden off my shoulders. As I went through the course, I gradually became closer with myself, and became my best friend in a sense. This course has truly helped me understand my worth and value.”

Tokyo, Japan


Crystal R.

I'm so glad I took Scott's course! His course provides tools on many levels so we can pick and choose what works for us. I love the focus meditation! It has been so long since I've been able to truly be calm and present in my practice! I love how Scott teaches us to stop labeling ourselves and how he teaches us to change the verbiage surrounding mental health."

Texas, USA

David F.

"Feel the feelings. It's the Art of Not Trying"  That is the biggest lesson I learnt from the course along with relaxation techniques, mindfulness, CBT and diet. It thought me how to calm my body and mind down which helped tremendously in the healing process. I was clinically depressed and suicidal when I signed up. Scott literally saved my life. I wouldn't be on this Planet without his teachings and videos."

Budapest, Hungary

Desiree F.

"The best part is, I didn't even need to deal with the panicky feelings. My mind and body just took care of it." 

Saskatoon, Canada

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About The Instructor

Scott Ste Marie speaks across North America about emotional wellbeing, mental health and our innate need for connection.

His history with anxiety and depression have allowed him to develop a strong sense of empathy and compassion with his audiences and those he works with personally.

Scott is a Mindfulness Practitioner, Coach and Mentor. Through his lived experience he has seen what is truly possible in recovery, healing and living authentically. 

Music is his true obsession as he plays the guitar, drums and sings.

Scott Ste Marie's formal education:

  • BA - University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - Mindful Leader
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training – Mindful Schools
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training - Living Works
  • Non-Violent Crisis Intervention - Crisis Prevention Institute
  • Mental Health First Aid - Mental Health Commission of Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

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