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Conquer Anxiety Course

Compassionate, non-judgemental, yet firm instruction of tools and skills to become confident and calm. Become your best ally and friend.

What you'll get:

  • 6 modules (8 hours) full of powerful tools and exercises to calm your mind and body while aligned with a theme of non-judgement and compassion for yourself
  • 45 guided step-by-step videos to practice each new cognitive and physical skill

  • Train your brain and body with simple, easy to follow exercises to find calm even in times of challenge and stress

What People Are Saying:

My mental health issues are essentially obsolete because of Scott. Ever since he has given me the tools to overcome anxiety and depression I feel like a weight has been lifted.

Corinne T. - New Jersey, USA

Feel the feelings. It's the Art of Not Trying. That is the biggest lesson I learnt from the course along with relaxation techniques, mindfulness, CBT and diet. It thought me how to calm my body and mind down which helped tremendously in the healing process. I was clinically depressed and suicidal when I signed up. Scott literally saved my life.

David F. - Budapest, Hungary

I have gone through all of the cognitive exercises and have already been noting improvement! This course has really helped me.

Salomon H. - Toronto, Canada

Scott is the most sweetest and understanding person I have ever met. The course is really helping me write my feelings more and makes me feel like family :)

Islam A. - Michigan, USA

I suck at diaphragmatic breathing and your lessons on that blew my mind! This was massive for me as the breathing completely calms me down

Michelle G. - Bristol, United Kingdom

This is a holistic approach to anxiety and even wider than that, the human experience. Even if you don’t identify with the battle of anxiety or depression, it’s tools to have in everyone’s arsenal for emotional management, regulation and understanding.

Kriston K. - Mayaro, Trinidad